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Coming of Age, Cycle of a Life  (2018)

Poems by my father, earl o'bannon, written before his retirement from the judges bench.   I've edited the poems, added music-- and now, these many years later, this could be a cycle of my own life----with the exception of "Nicotine Blues"----but insert your own earthly addiction into the blank and the question remains:   What if there isn't really _____ in Heaven?

Narration/music by vera v./elizabeth o'bannon

Produced in 2018 by small batch studios.  (Home grown. )  :-)

31 min

$9.00 (+ 3.99 shipping/handling)

Nicotine Blues - Vera V./Coming of Age
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Finding the way back (2017)

"The only way to erase the past , is to embrace the past, and move on..." vera v.   

This first album is about what it is to lose something dear-- and the path to finding the Self once again.  There is no going back to who we were, but recreating who we are in the now.  Maybe working some of my own grief, losing my mom and dad in the last few years.

The music has different styles and sounds.  All new to me (from classical life) and largely experimental. 


All songs and instruments written/recorded by Vera V. (elizabeth o'bannon's alter ego): Yamaha EV-255, Yamaha YEV, Nick-- my acoustic partner; Yamaha digital piano, and various other instruments hanging around the studio.

45 min

$11 (+3.99 shipping/handling)

Sunrise on a winter's morning - Vera V./Finding the way back
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Used to Believe - Vera V
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Eye on a cloud - Vera V
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