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 How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  (Practice, practice, practice!)

 It is one of the oldest musical jokes-- but it's absolutely true.   Whether you want to play on a concert stage or in your school orchestra-- home practice is essential.  Like a good athlete it takes strength and skills to be a good musician.  Most good athletes have also had a good trainer—besides their regular coach for team practice—to help get them into condition to play on the winning team.

Here are some “training” lessons I am offering in my studio for this year.  I will be offering some flexible options, Regular weekly lessons are always optimal, but here are some flexible options, to make a lesson work for you and your schedule:



Private Lessons ($25-$60) One on one sessions. Lessons should be continued weekly for optimal results, but monthly scheduling is also possible.


Group lessons (1 to 4 students).  This is an affordable way to get useful study and keep a tight budget.  Some “courses” we can study:  Advanced Techniques, Music Rep Class (working on pieces for orchestra or auditions),


Small ensemble coaching if you have a small group who wants to perform together or learn gig material, this would be an excellent way to add music, and potentially your own extra income

Auditions:  Need help getting ready for an audition?  Sessions will include practice mp3s and a mock audition.


Fiddle Faddle  A really fun ensemble that combines folk music and movement for a different kind of performance.  (See Fiddle Faddle page for more) 

Contact me through the site, or by email for more info (

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