Vera's Violin Programs

"informances" for your school,  school, string/music group or general audience. 


Tools of the Trade

Hammers and screwdrivers; stethoscopes or computers, paintbrushes or ballet shoes--- all professions have special tools of their trade.  String players carry bows, rosin, mutes and other tools along with instruments-- but also have an entire tool box of techniques and skills to create the colors and sounds of the music.  A "mini introduction" to the violin, and any sport or skill that requires special skills for the trade.

Vera and the Shreveport Symphony's
Community Outreach 
at  Rusheon Middle School, Bossier LA

Music and Movement

Interactive concert for elementary students, with a  focus on music rhythms and motion.  Vera also gives a  "how to" violin lesson, where students practice the basic steps of playing a stringed instrument.


Mini Minstrels 

An introduction to string instruments for pre-schoolers, including a "Mini" lesson on how to work a violin and a bow. Interactive program with songs and movement.  Fun for everyone!

SSO's On the Go at Plume Academy, Bossier City
Advanced Techniques Workshop
 Single class or a workshop series for your string class Vera gives tips and techniques for techniques for the students . Sound production, bow articulations, vibrato, upper positions, subjects that are not covered i
"I Sing the Body Electric"
Features the different sounds of electric instruments (amped acoustic, electric 4 and 5 string instruments), and how the different pedal sounds can be used in your band, or for writing your own material. 
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